A French designer, innovator and manufacturer of premium equipment as deep-freezers, blast chillers, storage cabinets (negative and positive), retarder proving cabinet and chambers for more than 30 years.


Manufacturer of dough processing equipment for all kinds of breads since more than 60 years.


Baking & freezing trays for intensive use - Silicon moulds (Silmaé), baguette filets, silicone fiberglass molds (Fibermaé), baking trolleys, stainless steel grids, aluminium trays, standard and customized.


Manufacturer of ovens for bakeries, pastry shops, restaurants and pizzerias, catering since 1864.


We regularly work with bakery and pastry specialists to provide you with a complete and customized offer.
Depending on your needs and your location, we can put you in touch with various partners for:

  • Recipe creation
  • Raw Materials & Ingredients
  • Supply of laboratory equipment
  • Laboratory layout
  • Store layout
  • Training
  • ...

Hubert Cloix

Hubert Cloix SA is a French manufacturer of agri-food equipment since 1973. Pastocookers for pastry and creams, multifunction machines for pastry and catering and ice cream makers.