FoodTech Alliance approach

Mérand, Maé, Hengel and Guyon, 4 French specialist manufacturers, have decided to gather to form FoodTech Alliance and answer the needs of bakers and pastry chiefs, retail chains, franchised chains and semi-industrials. Offering a full range of products/services and a superior expertise to non-specialist offers, FoodTech Alliance provides them with a customized and global (or partial) solution to their needs. 

Today, craftmen and industrials need to have an interlocutor who can understand their projects in its entirety. Whether it is for laboratory equipments, ingredients, recipes, consulting, trainings or a turnkey solution, FoodTech Alliance answers their needs with 100% French expert solutions, personalized, profitable, and adapted to all production volumes. 

Each company brings its own expertise to FoodTech Alliance:

  • Mérand: for the dough processing and its automatic lines
  • Maé: for silicone moulds, baking/freezing trays and non-stick coating
  • Hengel: for its deep-freezing, blast chilling, conservation and fermentation activities
  • Guyon for the baking on all types of oven. 

We also work with many partners for ingredients, recipes and trainings. 

Therefore, the whole bakery & pastry process is entirely mastered. The ingredients, the process and the equipment are adapted to follow the recipes from A to Z.